Hi, I’m [wɪl mɛɹəl] (I typically go by “Will” despite “William” on my publications). Feel free to contact me at willm[æt]

If I wasn’t doing NLP/ML research, I’d probably be studying medieval history and spending my days reading dead languages like Latin, Old Norse, and Old English. See some translations from these languages on my blog.

I’m a big proponent of walking as a form of everyday mindfulness and to experience different cities. Seattle seems to prefer hiking, which I’m also down with, especially to locations of historical interest.

I play pick-up basketball and the classic video games Age of Empires II/IV. I also used to make video games and Minecraft mods for fun. And, oh, my friends and I used to have a somewhat cringe-worthy YouTube channel ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


There’s more writing on my blog.